Part Number: 003-408

19+ Colorado / Canyon E-Lock Harness, 003-408


  • Provides Lock and Unlock Trigger source for door locks (+12v)
  • Plug and Play installation require no wire splicing.
  • The harness uses OEM quality connectors and terminals for a water-tight connection.
  • The harness is covered with convoluted tubing for protection and easier installation.
  • Includes one packet of Dielectric grease to protect connections from water and corrosion.
2019+ Colorado / Canyon E-Lock Harness is designed to provide door lock and unlock triggers for Toppers with power door locks. The harness provides a plug & play connection at the tailgate connector and a 10-foot-long extension to reach the relay box for the door locks. Use in conjunction with our Power Brake Ground harness to supply everything needed to locks and accessories in the truck cap, topper, or insert.
  • Harness length 10 feet.
  • The harness uses OEM quality components.
  • The harness is covered with convoluted tubing.
  • Weight 5.4oz
  • UPC: 632138342242
  • Master Carton – 1 Per Bag
  • Poly Bag Packaged

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* Item is not vehicle specific.