Frequently Asked Questions

FMVSS 111 requirements involve the complete rear-view system. There are specifications for the Monitor minimum size and also the viewing area of the camera. BUT many websites and companies advertise certified or approved products for FMVSS 111. There is NO actual certification for a product and selling a product as such is in our opinion very misleading.

FMVSS 111 stipulates that a camera when mounted on the vehicle has a view of the area behind the vehicle which is 10 feet wide by 20 feet deep and must see specific targets when placed in the test area. You could have the greatest camera made, but if it is not installed correctly and angled correctly then the view will not meet the required viewing angle.

One things most companies will not tell you is that there are also DOT standards for reliability that must be met when final certification of a vehicle is completed. It is important to ask any supplier for testing specifications and proof that the product they are supplying meets not only the correct viewing angle (when installed correctly) but also the reliability standards set by DOT.

Final Vehicle Certification requires that the vehicle up-fitter can prove that the system installed meets all FMVSS 111 requirements and DOT requirements.  We recommend that a picture of the camera view while on the test pad is taken and added to the vehicle build folder in-case it is ever requested at a later date.


Dielectric grease is often used to seal the connection between connectors and terminals. This helps prevent water from cause electrical shorts in wiring as well as the corrosion of terminals. You can also use this grease to lubricate the connector connections to prevent connectors from seizing together over time.

Zorg North America LLC products are only available through wholesale channels. This includes Body Up-fitters, Truck body builders, Installation shops, and OEM Vehicle Manufacturers.

If you are an end-user and would like to buy our products we recommend the following two websites that offer our products and provide direct support.

Bob’s Automotive Mirrors & More.

ADC Mobile

Please note that Zorg North America Products are not licensed to be sold on Amazon, eBay, or any other site than the two listed above. If a Zorg product is bought through another channel that is not specifically an authorized re-seller the warranty is void. Any and all warranty claims MUST go through the location that the part was originally purchased from.