Part Number: 8001

Digital Front or Rear 2 Sensor System 8001


    • Digital Sensors can detect obstacles over 6 feet away from the bumper
    • Can be installed as a front or rear sensor system
    • Learning capability – Learn’s and ignored vehicle’s mounted objects
    • Waterproof connectors allow serviceability of individual sensors at the bumper
    • Easily upgraded to a 4 sensor system using the 8002 two sensor add-on kit.
    • Sensors can be painted to match the vehicle appearance – Not for Pearl paints
    • Warning buzzer mute controls switch shuts off warning tones when towing, re-arms automatically
    • Front installation mode – 2.5′ Range


Object detection for today's vehicles. Even with the addition of cameras, sensors add the next level of protection from back-over or into accidents. A sensor system adds passive protection that alerts the driver to obstacles behind or in front of the vehicle that may not be in a visible area.
Zorg Commercial grade sensors with Digital learning technology allows the use of sensors on vehicles with an obstruction such as a trailer hitch or bicycle rack without limiting the performance and safety of the system. The system can be trained and retrained as needed when accessories are added or removed from the vehicle. This eliminates false alarms due to the sensors picking up an obstruction.
The base 2 sensor kit can be expanded to 4 sensors using the 8002 add-on kit.
Part Number: 8001 PSD-100 PSD-200 BZTRUCK BZPRO
  • Sensitivity and detection range is selectable at installation
  • Includes 0-degrees and 8-degree angle sensor sleeves included
  • Includes drill bits for metal and plastic surface mounting. 20.5mm & 26mm
  • Sensors may be installed without the sleeves for an OEM appearance
  • Tricolor LED warning module/buzzer with adjustable volume indicates object range notification
  • Front sensor system application reduced range
  • The system only detects obstacles that are getting closer to the vehicle, eliminating false warnings
  • No speed or other trigger required for front sensor systems
  • Three detection zones give the following warnings:
    • Zone 1 = 6.5 – 3.5 feet, Slow beep, flashing green LED indicator
    • Zone 2 = 3.5 – 1.3 feet, faster beep, flashing yellow LED indicator
    • Zone 3 = 1.3 feet & less, Alerts with a solid tone and a flashing red LED indicator
  • Kit includes 6m sensor extension cables
  • Sensors have 0.5m cables
  • 3-year warranty

Note: Ranges are approximate and will vary depending on installation, weather, and object size and shape


PSD100 PSD200 PSA08 PSD100D spc3 spc4 ADVENT VOXX Parking Sensor

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