8101 Heavy Duty Park Sensor8101 Heavy Duty Park Sensor

Part Number: 8101

Smart Park Heavy Truck Obstacle Detection System – Front or Rear Applications 8101


  • Waterproof / Shockproof Control Module
  • Rear or Front Operation
  • 8ft Detection Range Rear / 5ft Front
  • Waterproof / Dustproof Sensors (4)
  • Extendable Cable for longer vehicle applications Up To 100′ (Rear)
  • Tri Color LED Display with Buzzer
  • Direct Connection for Reverse
  • Directly Connect a Backup Alarm*
  • 33′ Split Loom Covered Harness from Module to Driver compartment
  • Under Bumper Mounts and Hardware Included
  • Module mounts in the rear of the vehicle
  • Digital Learning Eliminates Falsing from truck-mounted obstacles
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Package Weight: 3.3Lbs
Zorg North America's Smart Park 8101 Industrial Park Sensor System is designed and built for today's Heavy Duty vehicles to meet safety demands. Since 1998 Zorg has been supplying Parking Sensors for passenger vehicles and light trucks. The 8101 system was built to withstand the everyday abuse that service vehicles take with reinforced mounting brackets, heavier gauge wire, protective wire loom on all cables, and a waterproof module that mounts in the rear of the vehicle.  These features add up to an easier, cleaner, and more professional installation that takes less time than other products currently being installed.

Digital technology allows the system to learn obstacles such as hitches, tailgates, and other rear-mounted items that standard sensors would detect and alert to. A simple procedure allows the system to recognize these items as part of the vehicle without reducing the range or sensitivity.

Part Number: 8101


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* Item is not vehicle specific.