4240 Kit4240 Kit

Part Number: 4240

Multi-Vehicle LVDS Camera Relocation Kit for GM 1500 Refresh Series Trucks 4240

GM 2022/23 1500 Refresh Body Style

LVDS Cameras are identified by the Coax style of cable connected to them.

All Current OEM LVDS Cameras are offered by Zorg as well. Check with your Sales Professional for current applications.

Part# 4240
  • The ZORG 4240 HOUSING KIT is designed to accept and relocate the LVDS Tailgate camera for 2022/23 GM 1500 Series Refresh Body Style Trucks. In 2022 GM Released a new body style and a new larger camera, which required a specific housing design to relocate the camera.
  • To determine if the vehicle is a new body style vehicle the VIN 12th Digit will be a 5 and above.
  • Our New Kit includes everything needed to re-locate the OEM LVDS camera from a tailgate to a utility body to retain all OEM screen views, options, and quality of image in standard or 360-degree systems.
  • Additionally, Zorg designed the LVDS cable so as ONLY ONE universal LVDS cable style is required for use with any of these LVDS tailgate cameras (instead of the multiples required by other vendors). This new design again reduces the SKUs required and stocking headaches. The cable and housing kit reduce labor time associated with LVDS camera relocation.
  • ZORG-North America; The Leader in Camera Re-locations Systems.
  • OEM Cameras are available for purchase with the 4240 kits.
                   Contact your sales representative for current camera pricing and availability.   250-8701 250-8701-h 250-8700 250-8688 250-8688-H 250-8649 250-8649-H 250-8699 250-8699-H 250-8663 250-8665 250-8664 250-8698 250-8660 250-8660-H 250-8694-H 250-8666 250-8695 250-8667 250-8671250-8694 250-8697 250-8661

4240 Kit Specifications:


15′ LVDS Extension Cable – Applicable to all cameras

Housing and Backing Plate

Camera Fit Adapters and Hardware

3M VHB Mounting Tape – Recommended using both tape and screws.

Housing Measurements: 112mm L x 60mm W x 52mm D

Housing Material: Automotive grade ABS

warning Warning Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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* Item is not vehicle specific.